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About Us

Hi there, I’m so happy you stopped by and want to know a little more about our story! My love for creating started long ago, but it wasn't until I stumbled across a video of handlettering that I became obsessed. I began trying to mimic the flowing, graceful letterforms. While I am somewhat embarrassed of my first lettering attempts, I spent hours and hours lettering, and after several years practice here we are.

If it wasn’t for friends and family, there would be no orijenal. With their help and encouragement, I started an Etsy page with a few of my handlettered signs and wall hangings. While my lettering and graphics style has changed several times, my mission has always remained the same: to spread positivity and happiness through home décor, apparel, and more. Since first starting my Etsy, I have grown to include many other products... check back often, I'm sure I will continue adding more (ask any of my friends or family, I’m full of ideas).

Now that you’ve got to know me, I’d love to learn some about you! Let’s connect on socials:

•Instagram: @shoporijenal

•Facebook: orijenal creations

•Tik tok: @shoporijenal (lots of fun behind the scenes and bonus content here!)